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Questions for your concierge?

Call your dedicated Aetna Health Concierge, they're your GPS for navigating your health benefits

1-855-824-5349, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

You can speak with your Aetna representative or get help with:

  • Selecting a participating primary care doctor or specialist

  • Locating an urgent care center

  • Learning about your coverage

  • Reviewing a claim

  • Understanding your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

  • Managing a chronic health condition such as diabetes or asthma.Get one-on-one nurse support and on-line coaching to helpmanage your condition and lower your health risks throughAetna Health Connections disease management program.

If you're enrolled in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, visit

Questions for a nurse?

Talk to a registered nurse for information about tests, procedures and treatment options 24/7. 

Call the Informed Health® Line* at 1-800-556-1555 (TTY: 711), 24/7.

All calls are kept confidential.


*Aetna concierge and Informed Health Line nurses aren’t intended to diagnose, prescribe or give members medical advice.